Zero-based Christianity

Why you believe what you believe is a matter of life and death. From the moment you were born the memory banks in your brain have been accumulating truth, tradition, assumptions, fables, bad translations, and false teaching. The process of judging every notion, assumption, and “truth” against the Word of God is the basis of what I call ‘Zero-Based Christianity’.

Zero-Based Christianity

Much, or most, of what you think you know to be true may be inaccurate, incomplete, or just plain false. When it comes to faith there is only one reliable source, the Word of God interpreted to each child of the King by the Holy Spirit.  There is no second way.

In the End Time there is as much error in the message of those who preach Christ as in the words of those who do not. One of the greatest benefits to the work of the Enemy against the family of Christ in 2012 is our lack of self knowledge, discernment, and the elevation of opinion into truth.

Examples of False “Truths”

  • The genius intellects of the ancient world thought the seat of the soul was physically centered in the heart. Not true.
  • Scientists were positive the earth was flat. Not true.
  • Santa Claus does not exist, yet most American kids are sure he is real because society and their parents told them so. Then the kids find out it was a lie.
  • When asked “Where did I come from?” my husband’s parents and grandparents answered, “We found you under the front porch.”

You can probably think of better illustrations that these, but the point is that what were once considered to be the “gospel truth” have largely been disproved.

Zero-Based Christianity and Eternal Destination

What you believe is a matter of eternal destination because what you have faith in will determine if you will rise to meet Christ or spend eternity apart from God.

Throughout our lives we learn by experience that things we previously accepted as true were not. Society and the world have accepted some pretty weird things that later generations discovered to be false.

Everyone is searching for more faith as the reality of the End Time begins to sink in. The beginning of increasing your faith in what you believe is to know why you believe it.

Bible Study Exercise

Make a list of the top 10 things you believe then look for supporting evidence in the Bible. When you read God’s Word, don’t interpret it by anything you’ve heard before. Ask the Spirit to reveal the truth of God’s Word to you. Once you’ve finished your first list of 10 things, make another list.

Every time you either make or hear a declarative statement about truth, verify it with scripture. It is surprising how often what we think is in the Bible really isn’t.

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  1. Roger Williams:

    ‘Zero-Based Christianity’. What a great statement/saying, Lynn.

    An easy test for Christians … if the world believes it, it’s a false belief. When the world says it’s true, it’s a lie.

    With regards Santa Clause … I’m guilty!


    • Lynn:

      Roger, I continue to note the similar path we walk. Your last post was great and I typed a comment. I attempted to change email addresses in the reply and was kicked out into nowhere land. I admit I didn’t try to recreate the comment… thank you for visiting. Blessings, you little elf, you.

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