Worthy Leadership

One of the main methods I use to share the message of grace and victory in Jesus Christ is to illustrate how a worthy leader conducts himself or herself, and relate how our poor human efforts compare to that of our God and our Savior.

To be worthy one must be committed, consistent, able, and present. There is never a coffee break or vacation from leadership. Parents, horse trainers, teachers, and generals are never off the clock when in the company of their children, horses, students, or soldiers. Husbands are never not married, and neither are wives.

In any crisis the leader must consider those who depend upon him or her. Even if separated physically, the responsibility is never removed. Is there an approaching storm? Even if the parent isn’t at home; the trainer isn’t on the ranch; the general isn’t on base; they immediately take action to ensure the safety of those charged to their care.

Parents fail. Horse trainers make mistakes. Teachers are in error. Generals aren’t always victorious.

God is always on His Throne. Jesus Christ is never absent. The Holy Spirit is always on duty and present. He alone is worthy. And we are required to walk in His steps when we assume responsibility for others, whether horse or human.

Be committed. Be consistent. Be able. Be present.

We are never abandoned. Blake Hannah Photography.

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