Wonderful Christian Books for Horse Crazy Kids

Exceptional books for tweens and teens that offer great story lines as well as sound teaching about both horses and Christian life are few and far between.

Author Vicki Watson offers a series of novels specifically targeted to horse crazy girls and the Christian home schooling market. The Sonrise Stables series includes four titles, with more planned for the future.

It’s been four decades since I was a tween or teen, but reading the third book in the series, Clothed With Thunder, kept me turning pages until I finished in one sitting.  The fourth book, Tender Mercies, is on my shelf waiting for my next indulgent interlude.

Excellent Books for Home School Curricula

Few novels for readers of any age deliver an engaging story that moves forward without lumbering and packs quality education onto every page. Clothed With Thunder delivers on both counts. Characters, locations, and events are so well described that it is easy to “see” the action happening in your imagination  Young readers will find the predicaments and challenges Rosie and Carrie face quite familiar, and parents will appreciate the scripturally sound lessons woven into the story.

Books for horse crazy kids.

Books for horse crazy kids.

Two central themes in Clothed With Thunder  include evolution vs. creationism and finding a way to forgive past wrongs.  Why lecture your kids on forgiveness, responsibility, family values, and how to react to negative peer pressure when you can share books like this with them? The series focuses on two sisters – one adopted. (If you have an adopted child, be sure to read the first two books in the series.)

Many series disappoint readers as the number of books increase and the quality of story lines and writing diminish. In this case the reverse is true. Books in this series only get better!

Visit Sonrise Stables online for free book offer

Excellent choice for gift-giving or as a non-traditional text for home school curricula. Visit Sonrise Stables online and take advantage of a generous offer from the author. Post a review on Amazon.com and get another title free!

Or, just buy the whole series. Once your kids have devoured all four you can share them with others. By then your children will probably want to read them again.

I enthusiastically recommend these books. They contain accurate and helpful information about life with horses and right relationship with Jesus Christ.

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