Loved One Lost – A Prayer for the Unbelievers in Your Life

Do you have someone on your prayer list who does not confess Christ as Lord? Perhaps you have a family member who refuses to “hear” the gospel message. What do you ask for when you pray for intercession in their life? The Holy Spirit is the Director of prayer in the life of each new creation in Christ. But if you’re just not certain where to begin, consider a basic truth and the simple prayer it suggests.

When all goes well who needs a Savior?

The Bible tells us that “every knee shall bow.” Sometimes the only way the voice of the Holy Spirit may be heard is when a person has come to the end of their own ability and is totally and completely tapped out. Many Christians discovered Jesus for the first time after they had fallen to their knees without reserve, without pride, and without hope.

There is no need to seek a savior until there is a crisis beyond the ability of any man, woman, or child to manage. The most difficult obstacle to overcome on the path to relationship with Jesus is self-reliance. Consider praying;

Heavenly Father, there is no greater blessing that being your child. I pray that You will create whatever circumstance is necessary to bring my friend (daughter, son, etc.) to a place of exhaustion and need he cannot meet himself. I pray he will hear Your call and fall to his knees in repentance and then receive the promise of forgiveness and rest that awaits.

Trust in self, trust in government, trust in the world — these are the tools of Satan. Pray that everything else in the life of your loved one will crumble if that’s what it takes to create a need great enough for the offer of salvation to be heard and accepted.

One is either rightly related to Jesus or one is not.  There is no middle ground. Nothing on earth is worth rejecting Christ. This is a simple prayer. Why not try it if you’ve run out of other ideas?

“For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost?” – Luke 9:25

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