What is my Purpose?

Christians have asked, worried, and fretted over this question for two thousand years. Many are impatient and ready to march right out to serve God. But, how?

This article is an excerpt from “Discipleship with Horses – Journey of Joy.” I thought it would be a good answer for a friend who just asked me this very question.

Instead of sending it off in a single email I figured sharing it on the ministry website might reach two people, or maybe even three.

Have you ever asked,

“Lord, what is my purpose? What do you want me to do? I am ready to DO for you!”

What is your purpose?

There is no purpose in the life of any New Creation except relationship with Jesus Christ. We go where we are sent, in the manner and method of His direction. We are blessed and delighted to be in His presence and care.

Consider a matched pair of draft horses waiting patiently at the gate to the farmer’s field. They don’t look over the smooth ground before them and try to figure out how to plow it correctly. They have a master who cares for them and has proven faithful in every instance. The horses are content to stand ready until they receive direction. 

The horses have shown up and patiently listen for the signal to move forward from the one who holds the reins. The horses wait to serve him willingly and well. Whatever the farmer asks the team will do. The horses don’t evaluate or critique the plan or flip into fast-forward mode to judge the probable outcome.

The team of horses provides the means for the farmer to do his work. Are you as useful to God? Which do you consider more frequently, working to accomplish your goals or listening for His voice?

How many of us have prayed, “Lord grant me the vision, inspiration, and wisdom so I can accomplish this particular goal I have that will help so many people.” Have you prayed for God to make you able to do something you set your mind to doing; perhaps a service for Him?

I can imagine the team of horses saying, “Master, give us the vision and power to get out and plow the cornfield for you.”

The response heard in reply might be, “Why do you ask me to enable you to plow the cornfield when I plan to plow the field of oats?”

Christian Horse Training is discipleship with horses. The goal of CHT is building faith through transformative relationship. Fields will be plowed along the way, but the primary goal and only element of real consequence is faith and the journey of transformation.

For more on how to build your horse's ability and confidence, click bookcover.

For more on how to build your horse’s ability and confidence, click bookcover.

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