What is CHT?

Christian Horse Training

or Using Horses to Train Christians

There is as much difference between a Christian horse trainer and Christian Horse Training as there is between a Christian author and Christian writing. One describes the faith of the human while the other defines the work itself.

Natural Horsemanship relies upon a foundation of relationship with a horse rather than the use of domination. Christian Horse Training offers worthy leadership to every horse by applying a scriptural foundation and the principles of each trainer’s own walk with Jesus Christ. In other words, as Christ is the head of the trainer, so the trainer is the “head” of the horse.

Authority and Humility

The truly worthy leader has one foot solidly planted on equally balanced pillars of authority and humility. Every day will include a little humility; you can either plan for it or be surprised when it arrives.

Your level of success or failure working with horses is the best mirror of your relationship with Christ. A horse always tells the truth. Horses do not dissemble, spin or prevaricate and will always treat you as you deserve unless they grant you unmerited grace. Sound familiar?

Understanding Herd Behavior – Bible truths for Worthy Leaders

Great horsemen and horsewomen create relationships with horses using the principles of equine herd leadership. Success requires such leaders to understand the equine spirit, patterns of thought, and to both recognize and use body language as a means of communication.

Horses are born looking for leadership. Christian Horse Training does not seek to change the equine spirit but to enhance and elevate the wonder that is HORSE itself.

Great trainers walk among horses, understand the fears, temptations, and emotions of horses, and use that understanding to transform horses from reactionary prey animals into new creations of faith and fearlessness through relationship.

God sent Jesus to us for that same purpose. Jesus walked among us so he could understand our human fears, our human temptations, and our human emotions. No one will ever master what is possible through right relationship with Jesus Christ. The blessing is in the journey itself. The same is true of a life well-lived with horses.

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