Trapped – A Parable for the Hopeless

The last sister was alone. Her parents and siblings were gone and she was trapped. She couldn’t go backwards and there was no escape to either side. She sat. She thought. She despaired.

She knew the only direction that permitted any movement at all was forward. But what kind of a choice was that? It meant certain death.

Every trial and uncertainty till now she conquered through the unfailing love and steadfast example of her parents. Whenever she was afraid or uncertain they were there to support, guide, teach, and protect her.

Days of wonder, doubt, trial, gentle correction, and the bustle of being surrounded by family were over. Now she faced the greatest crisis of her life – alone. The last sister believed that she was about to sing the concluding note of her life song.

The whole world lay before her. Walls of rock closed in on her from behind and on both sides. The vast expanse before her eyes was beautiful, but venturing forward required her to step out into nothingness.

A parable for the Hopeless.

A parable for the Hopeless.

There were no trees or outcroppings nearby making surviving the endless fall to earth below impossible. The last sister sat. She thought. She despaired. Her situation was hopeless.

She knew her only options were to remain on the rock shelf until claimed by the lack of food and water or ending it quickly with one final step. Yesterday she had fussed, fumed, and wailed about the unfairness of her plight.

“Why me?” she cried.

No one heard her outburst. There was no point continuing her passionate lament today. The rocks didn’t care and the breeze wasn’t impressed by her pitiful wailing.

Courage failed the last sister. She sat. She thought. She gave up.


Dawn broke with a magnificent panorama of swirling prism colors. Changing clouds danced as the morning’s brilliant illumination sang a dazzling melody of majestic movement the most masterful of painters would fail to capture. The last sister opened her eyes.

Something woke me up.

There was no sound. She was still trapped and alone. Unseen hands pushed her closer to the edge.

No! Stop!

Everything in her body, soul, and spirit resisted the pressure. She wasn’t ready. She was terrified. The hands pushed again. There was no escape.

One final nudge sent her over the edge –

— and she flew.


The last sister’s parents perched under the eaves of the stone barn watching their last fledgling struggle to leave the safety of the nest. Her sisters and brothers were already exploring the barnyard, testing the growing power in their wings.

Parable for the Hopeless

Parable for the Hopeless

Temporary abandonment was the last gift of love parents offered each baby. If the last sister continued to receive food from her parents she would grow too big for the nest and her wings would not be strong enough to carry her increased weight. Her parents had no choice but to watch the last sister struggle with the One who created her.

This sister was stubborn. She wouldn’t follow her siblings when they left the nest. As time passed stubbornness morphed into fear. Her parents watched and waited. The skirmish ended as they hoped it would – the last sister flew!

Two hearts nearly broke with joy as the last sister stretched her wings. Relieved parents hurried to meet her where she stopped to rest after her first flight. All the children were safe. The family was reunited.

The morning sun became a spotlight of promise in a sky of perfect blue. The last sister was eager to continue the journey of joy before her, lifted by gentle hands and secure in the knowledge that she would never be alone again.

“For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Hebrews 13:5


Author’s Note: I seldom write anything except non-fiction. But every once in a while a parable pops out unexpectedly.

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