Time is Running Out – The Salvation Lie

Time is running out in the history of mankind. The choice between God and Not God must be made, and made now.

“A little while longer the light is with you. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you” – John 12:35-36

Jesus spoke not only of His impending death but to men and women in this time as well. The light that will soon be leaving the world refers to the impending departure of the Holy Spirit when we will be reunited with Christ by the Rapture of the church.

Time is running out. If you are reading this you know there is a decision to be made. There is no open-ended invitation to choose God, to choose Jesus Christ. The offer has been made.

Did you believe the Salvation lie?

Has anyone told you that the offer of relationship with Jesus has no expiration date? Why would you believe such a thing? What, in your experience, would support such a concept other than the convenience of a promise with no requirement?

  • When job offers are made they seldom come without a deadline for your decision.
  • When an offer of marriage is made does the lady have years or decades to decide while her suitor waits patiently for her to make up her mind?
  • If you want your vote to count in the election this fall will the election boards stay open until you decide?

Put yourself first

Call me the next time you get a great job offer. I’ll tell you to take your time so you can get in those last vacation plans. Don’t let that employer rush you. Put yourself first.

Call me the next time the man who loves you proposes marriage. I’ll tell you to take your time to be sure you won’t get a better offer. Don’t let that guy rush you. Put yourself first.

Call me if you’re having a tough time picking a candidate. I’ll tell you to take your time so you can really be sure; after all, this is an important decision. Don’t let any pushy campaign force you into a corner. Put yourself first.

When you lose the job to someone who accepted the offer; when you learn that the one who once loved you married someone else, and when you wake up the morning after the election to learn that the one candidate you absolutely detested won – go ahead and blame me for telling you to wait.

You can blame me for the rest of your life but it won’t change anything. When you chose not to decide you made your choice.

The Offer of Salvation has a Deadline

Who told you that the offer of salvation is open-ended? John’s gospel tells you plainly that it is not.

I’m telling you today that time is running out. If your choice is to wait to “be sure” or until the time is convenient, then here are the verses from John that describe your fate:

“Even among the rulers many believed in Him, but they did not confess Him… for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” – John 12:42-43

“Therefore they could not believe because… he has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts.” – John 12:39-40

Whoever told you that the offer for relationship with Jesus Christ has no expiration date will be perfectly content to accept the blame. You, however, will face the consequences alone.

You must choose: God or Not God?

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