World’s Candle Burns on Both Ends – Look Forward to Rapture

The Angel of Light, our enemy, is crafty and offers a source of illumination intended to confuse us and draw us away from the true source of salvation. The light of Jesus Christ is soft and will not burn anyone in His presence. It is a comforting light that never dims, and is a constant source of direction and security.

Worldly eyes are drawn to the light from the Enemy; vivid, intense, and passionate. There is only one outcome for a candle that burns on both ends – darkness that comes twice as fast as a candle lit on only one end. The passions of the world lead to death by fire. The light of the Enemy is the furnace of Daniel that will incinerate all who stand in it.

The world is a burning barn. Moses watched in amazement, fear, and awe as God spoke from a bush that burned but was not consumed by the flame.  The family of Jesus Christ will both witness and experience the fire as it first smolders, then spreads.

Like the Burning Bush, we will not be consumed by the flame. And, when the time comes for God’s refining fire to cleanse all the door of the blazing furnace will open and the hand of Jesus Christ will permit our exit into His full resurrected presence.

Rapture and Revelation

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– excerpted from Rapture and Revelation.

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