Faithful Parents and a Head of Lettuce

Do you enjoy examples of how godly parents are often times creative parents? Barbara Schoeneberger is a dear friend, a gifted writer, and a director of Amazing Grays Ministry. She is also a blogger and editor.

I enjoyed this article so much that I wanted to be sure you had a chance to read it for yourself. It’s a great piece about how blessed children are to have faithful parents – and a head of lettuce.

If you grew up in the 50’s or 60’s like I did you know how different the world is today. The transition from personal responsibility to¬† the idolization of the individual has had a negative affect on most parent-child relationships. Barb’s story is a trip down memory lane.

Personal Accountability and Memory Lane

Of course, the root cause is the present lack of accountability to God.

Visit Barb’s post to enjoy this great story and lesson about the gift faithful (and creative) parents teach their daughter and son when she pitches the head of lettuce at his head with unexpected consequences.

Growing up Accountable

The world not longer esteems the lifestyle of the Cleavers or the Reed’s. (Leave it to Beaver, and The Donna Reed Show.) I love the Donna Reed Show. Somehow these shows filmed in black and white seem better than most filmed today.






  1. April:

    Accountability is key for sure.

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