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Dangerous Discontent – Water Lily Parable

Do you ever say to yourself, "If only..."? Consider this storyof the water lily who wanted to be a cactus flower that illustrates the perfection of God's plan.
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Message of faith amid the storm – “Be anxious for nothing”

There is a gathering cloud of anxiety shrouding many in our nation today regardless of affiliation of either faith or politics. Levels of doubt, fear, and worry increase even as the enormity of Hurricane Sandy's impact continues to spread. Coupled with catastrophic property damage, loss of life, loss of home and/or livelihood, and the presidential
Category: Daily Inspiration

12 Questions Jesus Asks You

Is your faith strong enough to banish fear from your life? Are you certain you know the true status of your personal relationship with Jesus? By the time you've answered the last question you'll have a pretty good idea.
Category: Daily Inspiration
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