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Source of Temptation – The World

"The world is the realm of Satan in time..." Money, power, and pleasure. Temptation and distractions are issues common to all who pursue a right relationship with Jesus Christ. Barbara Shoeneberger, a director of Amazing Grays Ministry, presents a series about sin on her blog, Suffering with Joy. Following this brief excerpt is
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When Faith Collides with the World

The War of the worlds in the essence of Hebrews, Chapter 11. From the Garden until today, the war rages. Each Christian faces the question of whether the world is deviating from the path to glory or if the error is our own. Increasingly, Christians face charges of intolerance, extreme views, delusion, and even being
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Ministry event – Gateway of the Cross

Recently Baber, Bo, and I went to the First Christian Church of Mineral Wells for an evening event. I can't imagine what could have possibly improved the setting.The church itself is a beautiful stone building with expansive grounds behind. Once we walked over a footbridge we were in a magical place of carpet-like grass, soft
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