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Losing a loved one – From grief and despair to hope and joy

One of my Facebook friends shared a message of sadness at the passing of a beloved friend whose cheerful and infectious spirit enlivened one of her riding groups. I can understand the unmitigated sorrow people who do not know Christ experience when a loved one dies because there truly is no comfort to be offered
Category: Christian Horse Training

Wild Horses Trust God’s Plan

No other animal except the human has ever evaluated God's plan and rejected it in favor of their own. Wild horses know better. What happens to them when the wisdom of mankind is allowed to rule?
Category: Christian Horse Training

Pawn Stars, Wild Horses, and Counterfeit Christians

The History Channel's reality show Pawn Stars offers insight into the problem of riding wild mustangs and the pitfall of counterfeit Christianity. How can we know if the object of our faith is real or fake?
Category: Living in the World
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