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The #1 Way to Improve Your Horse’s Performance

Everyone seeks a magic pill or silver bullet to make life easy, simple, robust, rewarding, and successful. Marketeers hawk self-help books, products, and programs that range from cheap and silly to excruciatingly extravagant and invasive. Horse owners are no exception...
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Using Correction Properly – Teachers and Horse Trainers

Correction is a means of setting boundaries. Correction is synonymous with refinement. All great teachers use correction. It isn't possible to do anything well without pulling correction out of the tool box. Correction is NOT the same as discipline or punishment. The proper use of correction is always a gift that builds confidence.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Do Horses Really Mirror People?

Horses often mirror the behaviors and emotions around them. Horses also serve as uncannily accurate Relationship Barometers. Watching someone in a mirror tells you a lot about their behavior but little about their motivation. Horses watch what we do and also make pretty good guesses about what inspired our actions. People are not as naturally
Category: Christian Horse Training
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