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Straight Talk about the Times – “No punches pulled and nothing sugarcoated”

Book reviews. What reader's say about "Rapture and Revelation" by Lynn Baber. "The ruler of this world [John 14:30] is placing an iron collar of servitude around the necks of those who have lost focus on the face and fact of Jesus Christ, blinding them to the truth of what lies before them." In
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Shock and Assumption – Horse Show Practice Pens and Christian Congregations

If an 18th century Christian suddenly dropped into any church service in the United States tomorrow morning he or she might experience shock and horror. Actually, a better illustration for my experience today would be yanking a 21st century saint out of pew or pulpit, dropping him into an 18th century congregation for a number
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Zimmerman Verdict – Justice Denied and Justice Served

George Zimmerman's acquittal is either a travesty of justice or justice served depending on who you are and the world you live in. Yes, the world you live in. I'm not referring to the issue of whether anyone in particular lives in the real world or one of their delusions, but indeed which actual world. "I
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Goodbye popularity – Be Refined in the End Time

Common wisdom would have you believe that the larger your "posse" the better your message. This is a prime example of where common wisdom and truth diverge for Christians. Writers seek readers. Speakers seek an audience. Pastors seek congregants. Marketers seek to convert inquiries into sales. Television shows seek viewers. Websites seek visitors. The common
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Unanswered Prayer – Destructive Power of Uncertainty

It is time to speak truth - the absolute truth created and shared by God who created the universe. Why does fear persist in the body of Christ? Why aren't prayers answered? I am delighted to share these excerpts from "The Destructive Power of Uncertainty" with you. The link to Roger Williams full article
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Ministry is Not a Competition

Great spiritual activity exists today on the side of righteousness as well as evil. Paul cautions each of us to rightly divide truth from error when listening to the messages of ministers and ministries. Paul's words are of particular importance in this End Time. Let him speak to you...
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Zero-based Christianity

WHY you believe WHAT you believe is a matter of life and death. Introduction to "Zero-Based Christianity" and an exercise for Bible Study.
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Cell Phone Photos, Plastic Surgery, and the Gospel

The curtain opened, revealing nothing magical at all, only the back of a tiny little man frantically pulling levers and speaking into a voice distorting microphone. The residents of Oz and surrounding environs looked to the Wizard for leadership, security, and believed him to have a supernatural ability to affect the course and outcome of
Category: End Time
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