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Trapped – A Parable for the Hopeless

The last sister was alone. Her parents and siblings were gone and she was trapped. She couldn’t go backwards and there was no escape to either side. She sat. She thought. She despaired. Yesterday she had fussed, fumed, and wailed about the unfairness of her plight. “Why me?” she cried.
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Grace in your saddle-bags kicks Frustration to the curb

In one simple word, "grace" defines the Golden Rule of Christian Horse Training. Some horses seem to have real difficulty staying focused, consistent, or have what seems like a major case of bull-headed resistance. Every "No" your horse gives you is caused by one of two situations; he is either unwilling to do as you
Category: Christian Horse Training

Stubborn and Manipulative Horses and Christians

Horses are great teachers of biblical concepts. Here's how one of our horses, Ace, taught me a lesson about "knocking at the door" and finding the way in through the narrow gate.
Category: Christian Horse Training
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