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Horse Training Lesson from Ecclesiastes – Giver or Gift?

The book of Ecclesiastes is avoided by many teachers and bible study groups because it is “too difficult.” To put it in the simplest of terms, Solomon* spent a great deal of money, time, ego, and energy on the pursuit of horse cookies. The conclusion he reached is that the pursuit of horse cookies
Category: Christian Horse Training

Christmas – The Gift that Made the Impossible Possible

God does not call us to celebrate Christmas. God calls us to love His Son. As mature trees gradually exchange their lush green mantles of summer for autumn masterpieces of red, purple, and gold the tenor of the world begins to change. The clamor over back-to-school shopping, the World Series, Texas high school football, and the
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Source of Temptation – The World

"The world is the realm of Satan in time..." Money, power, and pleasure. Temptation and distractions are issues common to all who pursue a right relationship with Jesus Christ. Barbara Shoeneberger, a director of Amazing Grays Ministry, presents a series about sin on her blog, Suffering with Joy. Following this brief excerpt is
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Does God Speak to You Personally

Years ago I wondered why others "heard" God's voice personally while I did not. When someone else spoke a message from the Holy Spirit intended for me I recognized it, but I didn't enjoy direct communication. Here's the best way I know to explain it. The Holy Spirit speaks only to Himself. New creations in
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Loved One Lost – A Prayer for the Unbelievers in Your Life

Do you have someone on your prayer list who does not confess Christ as Lord? Perhaps you have a family member who refuses to "hear" the gospel message. What do you ask for when you pray for intercession in their life? The Holy Spirit is the Director of prayer in the life of each new
Category: Daily Inspiration

Walking with Jesus – Get out of the closet

Christians pursuing relationship with Jesus Christ are frequently confused by the concepts of walking with Jesus, being in the Spirit, or being one with the Lord. The more we work at it the muddier the water becomes. What does it look like to live when committed to "Thy will, not mine"? Is there a simpler
Category: God Speaks
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