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A Double-Edged Sword – Are you an embarrassment to God?

Self-consciousness has two faces in every man, woman, and child. Like intertwined theatrical masks, one side is good and the other not. Human embarrassment produces positive transformation in some but reflects a heart of spiritual darkness in the other. The ability to be conscious of self is one way people are created in God’s image. Humans
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Jesus Loves You Till Your Bucking Bubble Breaks

Swizzle, my adorable gray filly, lowered her head, opened her mouth, squallered like a mad hog and BUCKED. Over the past 5 years I have tried to remove her bucking bubble. It didn’t work. I can bury it, I can correct it, I can punish it – but the bubble completely disappears. As time goes by
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Healed by God’s Amazing Grace

Nestled among all that is noble, generous, and magnificent in a person is something sinister- sin. There is Bad News. There is Good News. There is Grace.
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8 Signs We Are a Nation of Quitters – Surrendered to Sin

Sin is not so much a defect from perfection as it is a factual characteristic of man. 8 signs that the USA has become a nation of quitters. How did we lose our courage and is it possible to find it again? Have you gone AWOL?
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