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How does faith eliminate fear? Practice. Practice. Practice.

Fear floods in when faith runs out. Some people think you can study, listen, or think your way into faith. It doesn't work that way. The Bible contains the entire foundation, method, and "secrets" of finding faith to overcome all fear. The problem lies in the application of those concepts. Simple and Easy are not necessarily
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Christmas today proves the ruler of this world has arrived

Simple, clear analysis of how Christmas traditions became the celebration of the ruler of this world, Satan, and not a celebration of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.
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Satan vs. God – Entitlements vs. Unmerited Blessings

The voice of the Enemy speaks through the failed leadership of parents, pastors, politicians, and teachers when they speak lies about entitlement to adults and children alike. There is no respect for authority and precious few, if any, consequences for bad choices made at home, in school, in the workplace, on Main Street, and in
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Addicted to the Prisons of Busyness and Distraction

We no longer plan our weeks or our days, but our minutes. How did we become addicted to busyness and slaves of electronics.? Who is the thief who robs you of your peace and rest? What is the cure for an addiction to busyness?
Category: Daily Inspiration
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