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End Time – God gathers His scattered children

The people of God are being assembled as a remnant and will become prey for Satan's elect. This is the End Time. Have you lost your first love?
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Horse of a different color – Rapture and Revelation

When God gives you an assignment you may as well apply yourself until you get it done. Here's a brief review of the messages in the newly released book, "Rapture and Revelation" and how the expereience taught me to be obedient.
Category: End Time

World’s Candle Burns on Both Ends – Look Forward to Rapture

The Angel of Light, our enemy, is crafty and offers a source of illumination intended to confuse us and draw us away from the true source of salvation. The events of our day prove that the fire is getting hotter...
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Kirk Cameron, Homosexuality, and Being Out-of-Step with Jesus Christ

Actor and evangelical Christian Kirk Cameron's answer to Piers Morgan's question on gay marriage caused an outcry in the "faith community" that supports gay marriage. There are two basic problems with people of faith who support same sex marriage. Let's set the record straight with Biblical truths that will enrage the majority and debunk the
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Unanswered Prayer – Destructive Power of Uncertainty

It is time to speak truth - the absolute truth created and shared by God who created the universe. Why does fear persist in the body of Christ? Why aren't prayers answered? I am delighted to share these excerpts from "The Destructive Power of Uncertainty" with you. The link to Roger Williams full article
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Zero-based Christianity

WHY you believe WHAT you believe is a matter of life and death. Introduction to "Zero-Based Christianity" and an exercise for Bible Study.
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12 Scriptures to Reduce Anxiety

When what you see and what you hear in these end times makes you mad, causes anxiety, or drives you nuts, remember these 12 Scriptures -
Category: Christian Horse Training

Joy to the World Trivia

How much do you know about "Joy to the World?" The "rest of the story" may surprise you. INSPIRATION on the DAY.
Category: Daily Inspiration
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