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About Evolution – God did not create machines

The most complex computer is child’s play compared to the least of God’s creations. The most powerful electron microscope exceeds the limits of imagination of most men who walked the earth in any age. Examine one grain of sand with this fantastic machine and the extent of God’s creativity is revealed in something so small
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Zimmerman Verdict – Justice Denied and Justice Served

George Zimmerman's acquittal is either a travesty of justice or justice served depending on who you are and the world you live in. Yes, the world you live in. I'm not referring to the issue of whether anyone in particular lives in the real world or one of their delusions, but indeed which actual world. "I
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The Man Who Blesses Horses

"As I looked around the chapel, I was wondering where the horses were tended to. I almost expected to see a place for horses to drop by and visit. I asked Ken if he ever blessed the animals like the St. Francis Blessing of the Animals." Julie June Stewart, in her article for "The Rail", muses
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