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Losing a loved one – From grief and despair to hope and joy

One of my Facebook friends shared a message of sadness at the passing of a beloved friend whose cheerful and infectious spirit enlivened one of her riding groups. I can understand the unmitigated sorrow people who do not know Christ experience when a loved one dies because there truly is no comfort to be offered
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Christmas – The Gift that Made the Impossible Possible

God does not call us to celebrate Christmas. God calls us to love His Son. As mature trees gradually exchange their lush green mantles of summer for autumn masterpieces of red, purple, and gold the tenor of the world begins to change. The clamor over back-to-school shopping, the World Series, Texas high school football, and the
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Effective Prayer – Difference Between Need and Desire

Do you pray for the same things day in and day out? Are you really praying for what you think you are? Here's a step-by-step illustration of how to break down a prayer until the true need is discovered.
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From Resurrection to Real World

The "morning after" is often a let down, whether it's the day after a child's wedding, a great concert, or a significant birthday, anniversary, or family celebration. After rejoicing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ yesterday, the real world returned with a "thud" today.
Category: Daily Inspiration
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