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The Warm Up – Ask “amiss” and you may hurt something…

When you finally discover that the answer to a question or dilemma you’ve puzzled or fretted over for years was embarrassingly simple was your response “Awright!” followed by a victorious imaginary high-five or “What an idiot” followed by a brief indulgent moment of self-disgust? Everyone knows the necessity of a proper warm up. Who would suggest
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Great Promise of Unanswered Prayer

"When prayer goes unanswered,... You will find there is a reason which is a deep instruction to you." - Oswald Chambers Unanswered prayer is frequently a precious gift in disguise. Why do unanswered prayers go hand-in-hand with a call to serve God in ministry?
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Loved One Lost – A Prayer for the Unbelievers in Your Life

Do you have someone on your prayer list who does not confess Christ as Lord? Perhaps you have a family member who refuses to "hear" the gospel message. What do you ask for when you pray for intercession in their life? The Holy Spirit is the Director of prayer in the life of each new
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Effective Prayer – Difference Between Need and Desire

Do you pray for the same things day in and day out? Are you really praying for what you think you are? Here's a step-by-step illustration of how to break down a prayer until the true need is discovered.
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God will Act – Prepare for the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected when God answers prayer. Isn't it just like a human to pray for a miracle and explain to God exactly how that miracle needs to look?
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Unanswered Prayer – Destructive Power of Uncertainty

It is time to speak truth - the absolute truth created and shared by God who created the universe. Why does fear persist in the body of Christ? Why aren't prayers answered? I am delighted to share these excerpts from "The Destructive Power of Uncertainty" with you. The link to Roger Williams full article
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Praying in the Name of Christ Jesus

Biblical patterns for praying in "the Name of Jesus."
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