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What Jesus said about Employment, Taxes, and Charity

Jesus speaks to the issue of how you spend what you earn as well as honoring the commitments you make. The decision about how you spend, save, or give away what is yours is not subject to the opinion or doctrine of others. Here is a concise review of scripture that addresses taxes, entitlements, employment
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For such a time as this

Horses and dogs are fed AFTER my husband and I drink the first pot of coffee in bed and watch the news. The news this morning was as troublesome as the news was yesterday morning and the morning before that. “I don’t like the times we live in.” I said to my husband. Never before
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Leadership – Worthy, Worldly or Wizard of Oz

“For no one does anything in secret while he himself seeks to be known openly.” [John 7:4] Leaders who hide their purpose, plans, or true objectives behind a curtain, whether literal or figurative, practice “Wizard of Oz”  leadership. If you recall, this isn’t leadership, but an amplified voice and fake image disguising a little man
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