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Repairing the Broken Places

If you parent or teach special-needs individuals or victims of abuse you already know that reaching and repairing broken places is far different that teaching and relating to humans or horses who don't think, react, or process in completely "normal" ways. CAN'T and WON'T look very different in horses or humans who arrive with obvious
Category: Christian Horse Training

Overheard in California – “Move over, God, I’m in charge now”

California has rejected both the Creator and His plan. How many parents can one child legally have? You might be surprised...
Category: End Time

Creating Fearless Children and Horses

Being fearless is the ultimate blessing when our security is based on worthy leadership. The pivotal point is faith. When our children are fearless because we are worthy parents they are blessed. When our horses discard their natural prey instincts and choose faith in our leadership we are blessed. Faith in God begets fearlessness in
Category: Christian Horse Training
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