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Trapped – A Parable for the Hopeless

The last sister was alone. Her parents and siblings were gone and she was trapped. She couldn’t go backwards and there was no escape to either side. She sat. She thought. She despaired. Yesterday she had fussed, fumed, and wailed about the unfairness of her plight. “Why me?” she cried.
Category: Daily Inspiration

Dangerous Discontent – Water Lily Parable

Do you ever say to yourself, "If only..."? Consider this storyof the water lily who wanted to be a cactus flower that illustrates the perfection of God's plan.
Category: Daily Inspiration

Gotcha Questions to Stump the Bible Teacher

Have you ever been asked a "gotcha" question about scripture? What motivates people to play 'Stump the Bible teacher'? What can a teacher do when confronted by an irrelevant and absurd question?
Category: Daily Inspiration
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