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Horse Training Lesson from Ecclesiastes – Giver or Gift?

The book of Ecclesiastes is avoided by many teachers and bible study groups because it is “too difficult.” To put it in the simplest of terms, Solomon* spent a great deal of money, time, ego, and energy on the pursuit of horse cookies. The conclusion he reached is that the pursuit of horse cookies
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Day One: How to Establish Leadership in the Round Pen with Your Horse

The first instant you step into the round pen with a horse you are either teaching it to trust you, to fear you, or to ignore you. This is true for professional trainers as well as the newest horse owners. It is possible to establish a new beginning whether you already have a 10 year relationship
Category: Christian Horse Training

Great Promise of Unanswered Prayer

"When prayer goes unanswered,... You will find there is a reason which is a deep instruction to you." - Oswald Chambers Unanswered prayer is frequently a precious gift in disguise. Why do unanswered prayers go hand-in-hand with a call to serve God in ministry?
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Horse of a different color – Rapture and Revelation

When God gives you an assignment you may as well apply yourself until you get it done. Here's a brief review of the messages in the newly released book, "Rapture and Revelation" and how the expereience taught me to be obedient.
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3 Things God Wants From You – Lessons from Horses

Do you wonder what God expects from you? Do you pray for guidance? Are you unsure of what God wants you to do? The answers can be found in our relationship with horses. God wants the same 3 things from me that I want from my horse.
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Stubborn and Manipulative Horses and Christians

Horses are great teachers of biblical concepts. Here's how one of our horses, Ace, taught me a lesson about "knocking at the door" and finding the way in through the narrow gate.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Achieving Discernment – Following God’s Plan, Not Your Own

“What does God want me to do?” This question, or a similar version, is asked by every Christian on a somewhat regular basis. Especially when we believe we are being sent in a particular direction. This short article, DISCERNMENT,  shares seven practical steps to discerning God’s will for you.  Are you wondering? Questioning? Unsure? Do
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Walking with Jesus – Get out of the closet

Christians pursuing relationship with Jesus Christ are frequently confused by the concepts of walking with Jesus, being in the Spirit, or being one with the Lord. The more we work at it the muddier the water becomes. What does it look like to live when committed to "Thy will, not mine"? Is there a simpler
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Christians and Reining Horses

The definition of reining horses, who compete at breakneck speeds doing spins and slides, are horses who are "willingly guided." That means the horse performs amazing physical feats with no visible guiding hand from its rider. The link between Christians and Reining horses is the same, a willingness to be guided by the Trainer's
Category: Christian Horse Training
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