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How New Creations in Christ Create Transformative Relationship with Horses

The difference between transformative relationship and all other relationships is that the principals are changed – they are transformed from what they were to something new, something more. Not only are the individuals changed, but the once clear line of separation has blurred. The primary characteristic of transformative relationships is endless commitment.
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Living the Gospel in the End Time

Most who profess faith in Jesus Christ have encountered difficulties in relationships with some of their family members and lifelong friends. If you haven’t felt like the odd man out yet, just wait, it’s coming. Those who live in the world cannot understand why you aren’t the same person you used to be -- back
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“Concerning Christian Liberty” – rare Kindle discovery

Christian liberty is a hot topic these days. I discovered a rare gem in the list of FREE Kindle books by Martin Luther. The message is as true in 2012 as in 1520.
Category: Daily Inspiration

Pawn Stars, Wild Horses, and Counterfeit Christians

The History Channel's reality show Pawn Stars offers insight into the problem of riding wild mustangs and the pitfall of counterfeit Christianity. How can we know if the object of our faith is real or fake?
Category: Living in the World
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