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An Outlaw In Need of Redemption

Redemption produces fruit from a barren tree. Reformation is the visible fruit of new birth. The only thing that separates the rankest nastiest horse from serving its owner in willing obedience is right relationship. But there is a caveat... Saul of Tarsus was a dangerous man. Christians who crossed his path were persecuted, trampled, and killed.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Becoming Fearless – Human or Horse

What does "fearless" look like in a horse? How may Christians be even more certain that their Leader is worthy and faithful? Excerpt from "Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace" - by request from a reader.
Category: Christian Horse Training

Effective Prayer – Difference Between Need and Desire

Do you pray for the same things day in and day out? Are you really praying for what you think you are? Here's a step-by-step illustration of how to break down a prayer until the true need is discovered.
Category: Daily Inspiration

Faith – Blessed are the Meek, not the Pathetic

Faith is not wimpy. Faith is not feeble. Faith is not miserable. Faith is not pathetic. "Meek" and "pathetic" are not the same. How can one be humble yet bold?
Category: Christian Horse Training

Rider Error # 37 – Teaching Horse to Quit

Does your horse lose his frame the minute you relax your hand, seat, or leg? If you quit insisting does your horse quit working? Riding a horse is like driving a car. Teach your horse not to quit. The best example of leadership is your relationship with Jesus.
Category: Christian Horse Training
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