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Shock and Assumption – Horse Show Practice Pens and Christian Congregations

If an 18th century Christian suddenly dropped into any church service in the United States tomorrow morning he or she might experience shock and horror. Actually, a better illustration for my experience today would be yanking a 21st century saint out of pew or pulpit, dropping him into an 18th century congregation for a number
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Live, Laugh, Love, and Always Be Prepared

Each day is a gift to be opened with expectation, joy, and love - unless you just aren't a morning person and would rather rip into the day with a scowl as you wipe goop from the corner of your eyes and have no higher hope than to make it through till bedtime. The ability
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Creating Fearless Children and Horses

Being fearless is the ultimate blessing when our security is based on worthy leadership. The pivotal point is faith. When our children are fearless because we are worthy parents they are blessed. When our horses discard their natural prey instincts and choose faith in our leadership we are blessed. Faith in God begets fearlessness in
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Worthy Leadership

To be worthy one must be committed, consistent, able, and present. There is never a coffee break or vacation from leadership. Parents, horse trainers, teachers, and generals are never off the clock when in the company of their children, horses, students, or soldiers. Husbands are never not married, and neither are wives.
Category: Christian Horse Training
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