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God and Horses: What is the Journey of Joy?

Success is the quality of the journey that begins with submission to God’s will and continues until His will becomes our joy. Transformative relationship with Jesus Christ opens the door to similar relationship with our horses.
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Balance and Relaxation Clinic De-Brief

Nervous or uncertain riders often seek skills to manage anxiety. Some horses are anxious and look to the rider for stability and guidance. Gospel Horse teaches riders a variety of mounted exercises to (1) learn how to maintain focus, and (2) offer horses the opportunity to know what is expected of them in a way
Category: Christian Horse Training

The Unexpected Consequence of Clicker Training

The essence of Christian faith is personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Saving faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit that bursts into the human heart to take up permanent residence. New Creations in Christ are transformed – different – more – than they used to be. Clicker training does not seek transformative relationship with
Category: Christian Horse Training
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