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It takes more faith to wash dishes and clean stalls than move mountains

Do you remember off the top of your head when Jesus laid aside his garments, girded himself with a towel, and washed the disciple’s feet? Jesus performed this mean service for His disciples just before Judas left to betray Him. One of the final lessons Jesus taught the disciples was to elevate drudgery and
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The Valley of Vision – When you don’t know what or how to Pray

In times of either great stress or great joy, we sometimes find that our conscious mind cannot find or utter words to describe our need or our praise. Vocabulary and thoughts fail. Paul reminds us that in such straits we may call upon the Holy Spirit and He will pray on our behalf. [Romans 8:26] On
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Addicted to the Prisons of Busyness and Distraction

We no longer plan our weeks or our days, but our minutes. How did we become addicted to busyness and slaves of electronics.? Who is the thief who robs you of your peace and rest? What is the cure for an addiction to busyness?
Category: Daily Inspiration
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