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“Drinking from my Saucer” – perfectly simple prayer of Gratitude

Precious gem of gratitude. After the prayer my husband offered before Thanksgiving dinner my father read this poem. For many reasons it was a moment I may never forget. May I share the blessing with you?
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Straight Talk about the Times – “No punches pulled and nothing sugarcoated”

Book reviews. What reader's say about "Rapture and Revelation" by Lynn Baber. "The ruler of this world [John 14:30] is placing an iron collar of servitude around the necks of those who have lost focus on the face and fact of Jesus Christ, blinding them to the truth of what lies before them." In
Category: End Time

Live, Laugh, Love, and Always Be Prepared

Each day is a gift to be opened with expectation, joy, and love - unless you just aren't a morning person and would rather rip into the day with a scowl as you wipe goop from the corner of your eyes and have no higher hope than to make it through till bedtime. The ability
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