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Live, Laugh, Love, and Always Be Prepared

Each day is a gift to be opened with expectation, joy, and love - unless you just aren't a morning person and would rather rip into the day with a scowl as you wipe goop from the corner of your eyes and have no higher hope than to make it through till bedtime. The ability
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Living the Gospel in the End Time

Most who profess faith in Jesus Christ have encountered difficulties in relationships with some of their family members and lifelong friends. If you haven’t felt like the odd man out yet, just wait, it’s coming. Those who live in the world cannot understand why you aren’t the same person you used to be -- back
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Overheard in California – “Move over, God, I’m in charge now”

California has rejected both the Creator and His plan. How many parents can one child legally have? You might be surprised...
Category: End Time

A Trinity in Transition – State of the Nation

Do you doubt the decline of the United States and the church? The trilogy of "God, Family, Country" has been replaced with a new one...
Category: End Time
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