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Horse of a different color – Rapture and Revelation

When God gives you an assignment you may as well apply yourself until you get it done. Here's a brief review of the messages in the newly released book, "Rapture and Revelation" and how the expereience taught me to be obedient.
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Kirk Cameron, Homosexuality, and Being Out-of-Step with Jesus Christ

Actor and evangelical Christian Kirk Cameron's answer to Piers Morgan's question on gay marriage caused an outcry in the "faith community" that supports gay marriage. There are two basic problems with people of faith who support same sex marriage. Let's set the record straight with Biblical truths that will enrage the majority and debunk the
Category: Living in the World

Ministry is Not a Competition

Great spiritual activity exists today on the side of righteousness as well as evil. Paul cautions each of us to rightly divide truth from error when listening to the messages of ministers and ministries. Paul's words are of particular importance in this End Time. Let him speak to you...
Category: Christian Horse Training

For such a time as this

Horses and dogs are fed AFTER my husband and I drink the first pot of coffee in bed and watch the news. The news this morning was as troublesome as the news was yesterday morning and the morning before that. “I don’t like the times we live in.” I said to my husband. Never before
Category: End Time

Blessed By Uncertainty – 21st Century Christian False Teaching

Are you certain of God or of your belief in God? The difference between the two is life and death. Bible scholars strive to find certainty, to explain and define the Word of God. Many who hold doctorates in theology don’t live lives inspired by the Word but lives that analyze the words. “In the realm
Category: Daily Inspiration
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