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Jesus Loves You Till Your Bucking Bubble Breaks

Swizzle, my adorable gray filly, lowered her head, opened her mouth, squallered like a mad hog and BUCKED. Over the past 5 years I have tried to remove her bucking bubble. It didn’t work. I can bury it, I can correct it, I can punish it – but the bubble completely disappears. As time goes by
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Drive-By Relationships

The most influential factor affecting the quality of a relationship is the amount of time spent together. Once you are actually in the company of one with whom you enjoy relationship, the quality of the time you spend together becomes significant. Drive-by relationships involve people who meet up with each other, slow their schedules down
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Grace in your saddle-bags kicks Frustration to the curb

In one simple word, "grace" defines the Golden Rule of Christian Horse Training. Some horses seem to have real difficulty staying focused, consistent, or have what seems like a major case of bull-headed resistance. Every "No" your horse gives you is caused by one of two situations; he is either unwilling to do as you
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Does God Speak to You Personally

Years ago I wondered why others "heard" God's voice personally while I did not. When someone else spoke a message from the Holy Spirit intended for me I recognized it, but I didn't enjoy direct communication. Here's the best way I know to explain it. The Holy Spirit speaks only to Himself. New creations in
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Addicted to the Prisons of Busyness and Distraction

We no longer plan our weeks or our days, but our minutes. How did we become addicted to busyness and slaves of electronics.? Who is the thief who robs you of your peace and rest? What is the cure for an addiction to busyness?
Category: Daily Inspiration
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