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Christmas – The Gift that Made the Impossible Possible

God does not call us to celebrate Christmas. God calls us to love His Son. As mature trees gradually exchange their lush green mantles of summer for autumn masterpieces of red, purple, and gold the tenor of the world begins to change. The clamor over back-to-school shopping, the World Series, Texas high school football, and the
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Christmas today proves the ruler of this world has arrived

Simple, clear analysis of how Christmas traditions became the celebration of the ruler of this world, Satan, and not a celebration of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.
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Christmas – The Gift and The Giver

Sheep with bows and bells? Gifts for camel bearers? On your long list of holiday prep, have you remembered...
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Hallelujah Chorus video goes viral

If you are in need of a holiday smile, here it is. Rejuvenate your spirit with a cup or tea of coffee and spend the next few minutes in a shopping mall food court.  This video filmed in Canada on November 13, 2010 was shot as a Christmas card from Alphabet Photography. May the proprietors
Category: Daily Inspiration
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