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Message of faith amid the storm – “Be anxious for nothing”

There is a gathering cloud of anxiety shrouding many in our nation today regardless of affiliation of either faith or politics. Levels of doubt, fear, and worry increase even as the enormity of Hurricane Sandy's impact continues to spread. Coupled with catastrophic property damage, loss of life, loss of home and/or livelihood, and the presidential
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Great Promise of Unanswered Prayer

"When prayer goes unanswered,... You will find there is a reason which is a deep instruction to you." - Oswald Chambers Unanswered prayer is frequently a precious gift in disguise. Why do unanswered prayers go hand-in-hand with a call to serve God in ministry?
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Faith – Blessed are the Meek, not the Pathetic

Faith is not wimpy. Faith is not feeble. Faith is not miserable. Faith is not pathetic. "Meek" and "pathetic" are not the same. How can one be humble yet bold?
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Be Occupied with Thoughts of Heaven

Eternal truths pop up in the work of most of the great writers and speakers. Both C.S. Lewis and Oswald Chambers shared this simple point that is highly relevant to all Christians in this hour.
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“Seek and ye shall find” – Why others want what you already have.

St. Francis said, "Preach the gospel constantly. Use words if necessary." The most powerful witness or testimony we have for the Lord is what others see when they observe us, not what we speak.
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