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The Valley of Vision – When you don’t know what or how to Pray

In times of either great stress or great joy, we sometimes find that our conscious mind cannot find or utter words to describe our need or our praise. Vocabulary and thoughts fail. Paul reminds us that in such straits we may call upon the Holy Spirit and He will pray on our behalf. [Romans 8:26] On
Category: Daily Inspiration

Wonderful Christian Books for Horse Crazy Kids

Exceptional books for tweens and teens that offer great story lines as well as sound teaching about both horses and Christian life are few and far between. Author Vicki Watson offers a series of novels specifically targeted to horse crazy girls and the Christian home schooling market. The Sonrise Stables series includes four titles, with
Category: Christian Horse Training

Ken McNabb Reviews “Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace”

Ken McNabb, clinician and host of one of RFD-TV’s most popular equine shows, recently finished reading Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace. Ken was kind enough to share his response to the book. With his permission, Amazing Grays Ministry is blessed to pass Ken’s thoughts along here. If you know Ken, then enough said. If you don’t,
Category: Christian Horse Training
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