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Christian Horse Training – The difference between being Assertive and Aggressive

Many people have trouble figuring out the difference between assertiveness and aggression in other humans. Sometimes we have the same problem trying to nail down our own motives or actions. Aggressive behavior in horses sometimes manifests as pushiness; a lack of respect that invades your personal space or recognizes a cue but purposefully ignores it. At
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Some days you’re the windshield – Some days you’re the bug

Some days I feel strong, energetic, and able to do most of what I could as a 30-year old. Other days I feel more like an over-cooked noodle. I call days like that Bug Days. Today is a Bug Day. I feel fine. There’s no soreness anywhere, no bind or pull, and except for my
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Speed Control – Train Your Horse to Slow Down

The number one reason horses speed up is to maintain their balance. Think of a toddler just beginning to walk regularly. The minute he gets a little off balance he starts to totter faster and faster until PLOP, down he goes. Horses also use momentum to maintain balance. Practical and easy exercises to slow your horse
Category: Christian Horse Training
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