Straight Talk about the Times – “No punches pulled and nothing sugarcoated”

This is what reader’s say about Lynn Baber’s book, Rapture and Revelation.


The ruler of this world [John 14:30] is placing an iron collar of servitude around the necks of those who have lost focus on the face and fact of Jesus Christ, blinding them to the truth of what lies before them. In a recent Amazon review of Rapture and Revelation,” Fulcrum 29 wrote:

Moral absolutes are real and are not going away

Whether or not you accept them, moral absolutes are real, and are not going away. Lynn Baber’s book is the best book outside of the Bible itself, that I have read concerning the Rapture and Revelation, and also the subjects of one’s faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She pulls no punches or sugarcoats anything. Your life is one big choice; to live with or without God. For Lynn, her own personal call came with the Sendai, Japan earthquake of March 2011. My call came with Superstorm Sandy.

I believe, as she does, that God’s quiet voice is in natural disasters such as these. Where I live was hit with 80+ mph winds for several hours. Having never gone through this before, it was definitely a fearful experience. I am a believer, but my faith was not what it should have been. Lynn’s book pushed me to action in my own life, and I will never look at life in the same way again.

False Prophecy and Entitlements

I believe she has highlighted two aspects of our society that are absolutely killing our nation from within; false prophecy and entitlements. The false prophecy in today’s churches is unbelievable. Most of what I learned thirty to forty years ago is no longer relevant. Most of the Christian churches in America today are so far away from Biblical truths that it is highly unlikely that they will ever return to them. Now politicians or secular humanists define right and wrong, not the moral absolutes of the Bible. What Lynn really hit on for me, personally, was the issue of entitlements. They have laid this country out and down for the count.

The entitlement issue reared its ugly head in the aftermath of Sandy. What I saw convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that things are just about hopeless in this country. I was appalled at the protest-like shouts of “Turn our power on! Give us food! Give us beer!”, while linemen from right to work states and non-union electrical contractors were pelted with foreign objects and insults as they attempted to restore power to some very ungrateful people in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. I did not realize you could afford to be choosy when you were drowning. What was wrong with allowing out of state power companies to just do their job, letting emergency personnel deliver food and supplies, and being satisfied with good old plain water?

Instead of gratitude, a good dose of humility, and being contrite and thankful to be alive, all you saw were the beginnings of a very defiant society in America. We want, we are owed, we are entitled, and it better be here yesterday, none of which are very Christ-like qualities.

 Defiance in the Face of God’s Power

Another galling example of this defiant, in your face attitude, is none other than that latest gem of a commercial from New Jersey entitled “Stronger Than the Storm”.  A great feel good story for businesses that were able to rebuild, but it comes amidst all of the loss and suffering that continues. It seems as if they are saying, “We will take on any storm, and bounce back stronger, with an attitude.” Maybe, but only until Katrina’s evil twin sister roars ashore at Atlantic City and destroys the casinos, or worse, the west side of La Palma in the Canary Islands collapses into the sea from volcanic activity and sends a seventy foot high tsunami from Maine to Florida. There is absolutely no fear of God in this crowd, only defiance. Could they have rebuilt, made a general announcement that they were open for business, and dispensed with all the chest thumping?

Lynn also makes quite a case of how entitlements have poisoned our society and political process, with a gift becoming an entitlement , which was never intended by Jesus Christ or our Founding Fathers. You have three to perhaps four generations having grown up with this mentality, and we as a nation have gone broke paying for it. My late father, a survivor of the Great Depression and four years of combat in the Pacific during World War II, ran three successful small businesses during his lifetime. He impressed upon me from an early age that you are owed nothing and entitled to nothing in this world. You make it based on your own efforts alone. This has stayed with me all of my life and has served me well.

Jesus Christ – Not welcome here

On page forty-five, Lynn cites recent Barna Group studies indicating only seven percent believe the Bible is the true and inerrant Word of God. A scary thought, because it now appears that America is not the home of believers in God and Jesus Christ that we have always been led to believe. This is the result of secular humanism permeating our society and our public schools. Much to the detriment of our country, God and Jesus Christ have been factored right out of the equation.

No punches pulled and no sugar coating.

No punches pulled and no sugarcoating.

If you are looking for straight talk on getting your heart right with Jesus Christ, you need look no further than this book. This book is definitely required reading by anyone serious about their faith. If you are looking for a feel good book, or the “religious” musings of an athlete, entertainer, or worse yet, a politician of any stripe, look elsewhere.”


A note from Lynn:

I don’t know about other authors, but I don’t look at Amazon reviews very often because they appear so infrequently.   Recently I was surprised to find several new reviews of Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace and only discovered this one today.

What caused me to click over to the Amazon page for Rapture and Revelation? Today’s news that the Administration is making the military less uniform and more open to each “soldier’s” personal preferences was a thunder clap of continuing change in the storm of the End Time. The call to further expand abortion rights, the inclusion of gay marriage for the first time in the entire span of human history, and the recent court decision that a convicted murderer’s life sentence includes a Constitutional RIGHT to a publicly funded sex-change.

What do you believe? Who do you listen to? Do you check everything you believe against the only source of truth, the Word of God? Are you certain you have made the right choices?

How any Christian could watch the rapid transition of our nation from being united “Under God” to the self-idolizing virtual world of the day without a spirit-wrenching reaction is beyond me. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled while we watch “Live at 5.” Your spirit may wrench at the tragedy of the times – or rejoice because every word in the Bible is true and you have a vision of what lies ahead in eternity with Jesus Christ.

The three messages of Rapture and Revelation are:

  1. This is the End Time.
  2. The King is coming.
  3. A choice must be made between God and Not God.

The first point this reviewer makes is that “Whether or not you accept them, moral absolutes are real, and are not going away.” The book does not tell you what to believe, but you will be challenged to face the reasons why you believe as you do. Don’t be misled. Be ready. The King is coming.

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