Holy Spirit and Spreading Fertilizer

Pastor Dave at Brazos Trails Cowboy Church invited Amazing Grays Ministry to share a message recently. We were grateful for the opportunity and the very warm welcome we received. To be perfectly honest, this was the first time we spoke during an actual church service. We’ve been to churches, taken Bo (one of the amazing grays)  to church with us, spoken to church groups, and done round pen programs at church arenas – but never on Sunday morning.

While the foundational pillars of our message never change, I still spent quite a bit of time preparing to deliver a message suitable for the occasion.

Reworking the Message

Several times during prayer and at least once in the middle of the night, I reached for pen and paper and drew up yet another new outline for the talk. Most of you who struggle to bring only spirit-directed messages know that regardless of how much you prep sometimes the Holy Spirit changes everything right before you begin.

Brazos Trails was another example of the Spirit at work. As I sat in the third row waiting to go up front I realized my hands were cold and my mind was a blank. The wireless mic was ready but I didn’t have one outline left in my head. I told the Lord, “I am willing, just make me able.”

God provides and the Holy Spirit leads

As I wordlessly prayed for assistance I was reminded of the purpose of Amazing Grays Ministry. We are to be fertilizer to the church of Jesus Christ on earth. Our message is always one of faith that overcomes fear through Christ.

Remember, I spent decades as a horse breeder and trainer and I live in a barn. I have moved countless tons of fertilizer from horse stalls to the manure spreader over the years and will do it all over again today.

My husband and I are well-acquainted with fertilizer. When it is applied properly it produces fruit in sweet abundance. When used improperly it just stinks.

Messages of faith over fear.

Two Scriptures Tell the Whole Story

That little reminder put me back on track just before I stood up to go forward. The program was simple and based on the bookmark we use as a business card. I knew the bookmark would come in handy and we made them available to everyone. Why take notes when the scriptures are on the bookmark?

  • The scripture on the front is 2 Corinthians 5:17, the wonderful gift of being a new creation in Jesus Christ.
  • The scripture on the back of the bookmark is John 16:33, the promise that while we will have tribulation in the work, Jesus Christ has overcome the world.

After the service I spoke with two people who didn’t attend Brazos Trails but were led to visit last Sunday. Both had read or were reading Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace. When they saw me they knew why they were there.

If you have the opportunity, visit Brazos Trails Cowboy Church in Weatherford, Texas. It is vibrant, has a great arena program, and the Spirit of God is at work – and we were blessed by the experience.



  1. LDB:

    As you know, this was my first time speaking the word of God before a congregation. although I had thought over what I was going to say, I did not prepare any notes. the Spirit gave me the message as I spoke. What an experience!

    • Lynn:

      One of the greatest blessings is to see the Holy Spirit in action. It was wonderful watching Him work at Brazos Trails.

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