Source of Temptation – The World

“The world is the realm of Satan in time…”

Temptation and distractions are issues common to all who pursue a right relationship with Jesus Christ. Barbara Shoeneberger, a director of Amazing Grays Ministry, presents a series about sin on her blog, Suffering with Joy.  Following this brief excerpt is a link to the full post. It is exceeding well written and shares a message relevant to every Christian.

In ascetical theology the world does not refer to grass, trees, mountains, hills, etc. as I thought in my childlike simplicity long ago. The world is the realm of Satan in time, a realm with standards radically opposed to God’s way of seeing.  It presents itself as an end in itself, whereas it can only ever be an obstacle to the eternal end God has intended for us.

Money, power, and pleasure constitute the realm of the world.  None of these things are evil in themselves, but when sought only for themselves they distract us from battle. The enticements suck us deeper and deeper into obsession until we become so entangled in their pursuit we can’t recognize the needs of our neighbor nor the presence of God in our lives, calling us to Himself.

Use this link to read the full article, Source of Temptation: The World

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Barb and Roger

Barb and Roger

Since the late 1980s Barb has written, edited, and published monthly newsletters for select groups. She also authored two business related books. In addition to writing, Barb’s interests lie in the traditional sacred liturgy and practices of the Catholic Church and in creating beautiful art from photographs she and her husband have taken.

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