Satan vs. God – Entitlements vs. Unmerited Blessings

The voice of the Enemy speaks through the failed leadership of parents, pastors, politicians, and teachers when they speak lies about entitlement to adults and children alike. There is no respect for authority and precious few, if any, consequences for bad choices made at home, in school, in the workplace, on Main Street, and in the churches.

God forgives, absolves, and overcomes every inability. No sheep will ever be lost in the wilderness because it could not return to the fold. If a sheep from Christ’s flock is trapped in a pit too deep to crawl out of or is too far from home for its cries to be heard, God will be faithful to create any circumstance necessary to rescue that lost one.

The finished work of Jesus Christ is a sure guarantee that every lost, trapped, or desperate sheep will be able to return home.

On the other hand, God cannot and will not overlook the unwillingness of a sheep to come when the shepherd calls. Every sheep that hears the voice crying out for it to return, yet refuses to start walking, will be left in the wilderness.  What the voice of the unwilling sheep says to God is, “No, I won’t!”

Do you really think He will respond, “Oh, never mind, I’ll come out and drag you in?”  God is an almighty God, a Holy God, and the only God. God will not go out to bring in any rebellious sheep that stomps its little hoof and challenges Him to, “Make me!”

People believe they are entitled to food, shelter, entertainment, and education for no other reason than that they are human. They teach that there is nothing needed to be saved other being a human “made in the image of God.” People of faith add one more item to that long list of entitlements – salvation.

3 Types of Unmerited Blessings

There are three ways to receive unmerited blessing,

  1. as a gift of grace
  2. as a gift of love, or
  3. as a gift of charity.

This is true whether the blessing in question is granted to man by God or from one human (or organization) to another. “Entitlements” have become major players in our nation as government programs.  Benefits given to those who have done nothing to deserve them are unmerited. The very term “entitlement” is the work of the Enemy and has corrupted the government, the people, and the church of Jesus Christ.

The only blessings to which we are entitled are those promised by God Himself. The Pilgrims didn’t invent the requirement that one must work in order to eat. It isn’t some political philosophy or discrimination that denies unearned blessing — it is the Word of God. [2 Thessalonians 3:10]

If all that is needed to receive God’s grace and promise of eternal life is being human then the remainder of the Bible is a lie. Only human arrogance assumes such a lofty place in God’s estimation. And, like most assumptions, it is wrong. Humanists teach that men and women are equal to God. Satan is working hard to sell the message that God needs to be brought down to mortal level.

The message of the Bible is that we may one day be elevated to God’s presence through the sacrifice of Jesus which offers unmerited grace to believers. That elevation will only be complete in a glorified and immortal body and not the one you’re walking around in today.

For proof that God can create any circumstance necessary to return a lost sheep to the fold, read about the truth of God’s promises in He Came Looking for Me, a true story of hope and redemption told by both the horse and human who lived it. He Came Looking for Me

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