Preach the Gospel by Example – a Lesson from Horses

Sharing the gospel has much in common with both teaching and leadership, trying to share your knowledge or experience with others using both show and tell. Sometimes just talking about Jesus falls short of the mark and you cannot achieve any elevation of understanding or relationship. The only opportunity that remains is to preach the gospel by example; “Here, let me show you.”

There is a high standard for all who preach or teach the Word of God. That standard insists that the show must match the tell. The most effective workers for Satan are Christians who ask others to do as they say but not to look closely at what they do. The accusation that sticks to Christians more tightly than any other is ‘Hypocrite!”

“You can never give another person that which you have found, but you can make him homesick for what you have.” – Oswald Chambers

God does not send anyone out to teach what he or she has not yet mastered. There is nothing to be gained by reaching out to someone in the  darkness if you have no idea how to lead them to the Light.  Helping someone who will not or cannot understand what you tell them still leaves you with the option to show; to create an opportunity to communicate on a spiritual level.

Therapy Horses Share the Gospel

Therapy horses are successful in reaching adults and children who have no mechanism to communicate what they feel or need with another person. The relationship with the horse works because both the horse and human meet on a spiritual level. Both horse and human ‘show’ each other without bothering about the ‘tell’ part that makes no sense to either of them.

Horses, like God, do not care who you know, how much money you have, or how pretty or normal you are. Therapy horses share with all equally and ask nothing more in return than to be dealt with honestly, respectfully, and kindly. What more could you ask from anyone? How many Christians treat those who are different than they with such grace?

Evangelizing –  When Words Fail

When an ear in not inclined to hear the Word of God the best thing to do is to skip the verbiage and preach by example. Don’t tell what a relationship with Jesus Christ looks like – show what it looks like.

“Preach the gospel constantly. Use words if necessary.” – St. Francis of Assisi

If your ministry is to married couples, what does your own marriage preach? If you teach parenting skills what does the relationship others see between you and your children show when compared to your tell? Whether you are aware of it or not you preach the gospel every moment of every day. Are you preaching the truth or are you just another hypocrite?

Horses in Ministry

There is nothing more natural when preaching the gospel by example that working with a horse. Those who observe see the closest relationship possible between man and God. Depending upon the leadership skills of the human the picture is one of faith that overcomes fear through relationship and the show of worthy leadership and honest followership.

There are lots of horse trainers that speak a good message but they are not doers of the Word. They tell you how to build relationship with a horse but resort to other methods when they think no one is watching.

Does your show match your tell when sharing the gospel message? If you’re not sure how to proceed, forget the talking part and concentrate fully on preaching by example.

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