Overheard in California – “Move over, God, I’m in charge now”

For most of human history it was understood that God occupied the only seat at the  Creationist table. Human expression was limited to the creation of philosophy, art, or communication. Times have changed. People are organizing to scrap the Throne of God in favor of a program that permits every man or woman to pick up the mantle of Creationist.

California children may have more than two parents

In a state where a wedding cake may be topped by two brides or two grooms are we really surprised that the California Senate has passed SB1476, a bill that could potentially allow an unlimited number of parents for each child.

Ellen Pontac, a Davis gay-rights activist, commented on a California bill to overturn the present law that limits the number of parents each child may legally have to more than two. “Government should accommodate changing times” she said, “I just think that people should be able to create their own lives.”

“Under Leno’s bill, if three or more people who acted as parents could not agree on custody, visitation and child support, a judge could split those things up among them.”

Progressive people have rejected God’s authority and His plan in favor of their own. On the subject of marriage and parentage, the further we stray away from the program described in Genesis the more bizarre the legal issues will become.

 California Rejects the Creator

Marriage is no longer between a bride and groom. A child no longer has a mother and a father. And most folks in the US, and certainly California, no longer believe in the Creator.
Buckle in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride to the finish.

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