Something New in the Heavens

Media outlets are burning with news that heavens have realigned! Is this an indication that the end truly is near?

13th Astrological Symbol – Ophiuchus

A “new” astrological symbol, Ophiuchus, [pronounced ‘o-few-cus] has been added to the twelve signs of the Zodiac already appearing in the daily papers. But, is it really new?


Minnesota astrologer Parke Kunkle suggests this thirteenth sign be added to the Zodiac. Here’s the news in a nutshell: no news.

Most Christians have zero interest in either their own horoscope or the composition of the Zodiac. I researched this “news” to determine if there was a possible correlation to events revealed in Revelation and the ongoing onslaught of natural disasters occuring around the globe. Nope.

Indeed, some say the Babylonians first evicted Ophiuchus from the Zodiac because they thought twelve was a better number for signs than thirteen.┬áSo, no news here, folks. A few relevant links are listed below. If you’re curious, go for it. Otherwise, just read the Book and be content. The media overreacted again.

New Zodiac sign 2011 – Why astrology is even sillier than before.

Welcome to the Zodiac, Ophiuchus. But who are you?

Video – Rachael Maddow show – you have to wait for the video to begin, but it is informative, interesting, and entertaining. Great geology lesson as well.

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