Ministry is Not a Competition

A characteristic of this End Time is the hyper-activity of the spiritual realm and how it influences, for better or worse, the messages and ministries found on line, in print, in church, and on stage. Amazing Grays Ministry is not an exception. The bird and puppy in the photograph aren’t competing for control of the path, they choose to walk together in peace.

The first activity of most ministries today is the pursuit of media attention for the purpose of gathering an audience of followers and raising cash. Most authors, evangelists, and religious artists seeks to have their message go ‘viral’.

Ministry is Not a Competition

Popularity and competition are not the stuff of ministry. They are temptations for ministers and messengers to cross a hair-thin line separating truth from error. I will testify to the continual challenge of rightly allocating scarce resources of  time, energy, and funds between the study which provides truthful content for each message and learning how to most effectively share the message.

The Apostle Paul Speaks to Those Who Share a Message and those Who Listen

An outline of the beginning of Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatia follows. For the purpose of this message I have paraphrased Galatians 1 and 2:1. There should be no conceptual variation between what follows and the New King James text. Don’t be afraid to check my work!

My apostolic mission is not from men nor through man, but through Jesus Christ, who gave Himself that He might deliver us from this present evil age.

I marvel that you turn away so easily from Him who called you to grace to a ‘more progressive’ gospel, preached by those who want to pervert the truth of Christ.

If anyone preaches a message other than what you first received, let him or her be cursed.

  • Will such a message persuade God of His error?
  • Is the Word of God better known to a man that He who inspired it?
  • Do such “ministers” seek favor from men or from God?

The truth is neither received nor taught by man, but revealed by Jesus Christ. When commanded to preach Him I did not run out and call attention to myself within the religious community or any group of men.

I spent three years of independent study with the Holy Spirit before making acquaintance with Peter and James (and no others) in Jerusalem. After 15 days with them I continued my ministry, spending fourteen years apart from the others before returning to Jerusalem.

How does Paul’s first-century ministry compare to those of the twenty-first century?

The Error of Reliance on any Messenger or Ministry

Is the message being preached one Paul would agree with? Is the content supported by God’s inspired Word in scripture? Every Christian is responsible for their own walk with Christ.

Paul called Peter out for his hypocrisy. No human is exempt from error. I see the role of each minister and ministry as both messengers of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and as members of the same fellowship; helping one another to stay on the right side of the line separating truth from error.

Why Are There So Many Ministries?

There is a difference between influencing someone and making an impact on them. Different folks learn in different ways.  Some folks learn better by hearing, some by reading, and some by doing. Geographical and language barriers also speak to a need for many messengers. BUT, the message itself should be the same. There is only one gospel of Christ.

Viral messages may influence. Mega-church sermons may influence. It is the one-on-one of small groups and personal back and forth conversation that impact a life. God uses each as He sees fit. The challenge for Christians in the End Time is to rightly divide the truth of what they see and hear. Only correct messages bring us closer to God. Wrong messages deliver a victory in the spiritual battle of the day to the Enemy.

.    .    .

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The topic of the End Time and Zero-Based Christianity is covered in depth in Rapture and Revelation

No punches pulled and no sugar coating.

No punches pulled and no sugar coating.




  1. Pamela S Thibodeaux:

    Wonderful message!


    • Lynn:

      Thanks, Pam. I hope we have the chance to work together one of these days as fellow “messengers.”

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