Ministry event – Gateway of the Cross

Recently Baber, Bo, and I went to the First Christian Church of Mineral Wells for an evening event. I can’t imagine what could have possibly improved the setting.The church itself is a beautiful stone building with expansive grounds behind. Once we walked over a footbridge we were in a magical place of carpet-like grass, soft filtered afternoon sunlight and what seemed to be a canopy of tree branches sheltering all in attendance from the outside world.

The air was either perfectly warm or cool, depending on your perception. A whisper of breeze kept us all delightfully comfortable. Exactly the right backdrop for the message.

The Gateway of the Cross

Christians know we are in the world but not of the world. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand just what that means.

Clear your mind. Think of the upright member of the cross of Christ as a gate or portal. It isn’t very wide. We can only stand within that gate sideways, and even that is only possible by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit that called us to the Cross in the first place. As you picture this in your mind you realize that standing sideways in the gateway means one foot must be on this side of the portal and one on the other.

Gateway of the Cross – Amazing Grays Ministry

Part of your mind, body, and spirit is connected to the world; the other part has already left the world behind and is concentrated exclusively on matters of life with the Lord. Like Paul, we lament that we are still in our earthly tents. Yet, not completely. Only when we allow ourselves to be pulled back through the gateway into the world do we become confused, afraid, or doubtful.

Christians can’t divorce the World

As tempting as it sounds, we can’t divorce the world entirely. Until we are called to our eternal home there will still be part of us that remains in the world. The timing of our complete passage through the gate will not be of our own choosing. Though we yet have human eyes it is possible for us to be blessed with spiritual vision. Though we are touched by the evil and heartache in the world, the stench and filth cannot cling to us. The energy that flows from the far side of the gate repels and protects us from what we find disturbing in the world.

Finding faith that is greater than any fear we may have is a foundational message of Amazing Grays Ministry. Bo, one of my amazing grays,  helps folks to understand the concept, as I use the simplicity and honesty of horses to communicate what people often make far too complicated.

If you would like to bring this program to your group contact us by clicking on the button at the top of the page. We come with or without a horse!

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