Living the Gospel in the End Time

Most who profess faith in Jesus Christ have encountered difficulties in relationships with some of their family members and lifelong friends. If you haven’t felt like the odd man out yet, just wait, it’s coming. Those who live in the world cannot understand why you aren’t the same person you used to be — back when you were exactly as they still are today.

“What’s gotten into you lately? You’re taking this Jesus thing way too seriously. You act like you’ve been brain-washed. We’re really getting worried about you.”

New creations in Christ do not participate in lewdness, lusts, drinking parties, and abominable idolatries. [1 Peter 4:3] Dirty dancing is not the Saturday night pursuit of a New Creation. Playing gory video games where the victor splatters his foe all over the place is not a pastime for a child of God.

Life is Different For New Creations in Christ

You won’t find a New Creation holding down a bar stool at closing time at the local pub after an evening of window shopping the patrons. As you walk more closely with Jesus you will also find that only a precious few television programs are fit for eyes that look forward to the Rapture and Christ’s return.

Friends and family who do not hear the Shepherd’s voice will think you’re antisocial when you decline to go along with their floods of dissipation [1 Peter 4:4] and will speak evil about you if you do not straighten up and fly right again. What are you to do? Peter answers that question by telling us that the end of all things is at hand and we should be serious and watchful in our prayers. [1 Peter 4:7]

What is true is always true, regardless of the time and the manner in which such truth is conveyed. Careful selection of our friends and associates has always been important. Back in the day this was one of the most important lessons parents tried to teach children. It is a truth that still holds today, but fewer and fewer parents think enough of their children to teach them this lesson.

There’s a saying I first heard decades ago when I began to study leadership and corporate management. “It’s hard to soar with eagles when you fly with a bunch of turkeys.” Remember that one?

The sentiment is still true and still relevant, especially for Christians in these times. It has never been as hard to escape the flock of turkeys as it is today. It matters who you spend your time with. It matters what you watch on television. It matters what you read and it matters what you say. There must be a clear contrast between your life and that of friends and family who do not proclaim Jesus as Lord.

[This is the beginning of the sixth chapter of Rapture and Revelation.  Click link for more information.

Why do you believe?

Why do you believe?

What one reader said:

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